Free & Quality Homeschool Curriculum: Middle School World History I

Journey With a Destination: World History I consists of both an instructional YouTube playlist with more than 60 hours of instruction (available here) and a free printable workbook of more than 100 pages (available at the end of this post).

This curriculum covers the first year of a comprehensive two-year course in World History, and is intended for use in 6th grade.

The first year charts the course of human civilization from the Bronze Age to the voyages of Christopher Columbus, while World History II covers more recent years.

A YouTube-Based Curriculum

Parents unfamiliar with the YouTube history community may regard the concept of a curriculum built around YouTube videos to be strange and perhaps even questionable. To be very clear: this is a serious curriculum intended to challenge advanced students. It covers history at a level of depth that easily exceeds that of traditional high school courses. Many of the videos use vocabulary beyond the level of ordinary adult conversation; as a result, we have appended a dictionary to the workbook to assist children with the material.

Moreover, we will periodically revisit the playlist to incorporate new videos as YouTubers produce them, constantly increasing its quality.

Expect More From Us Soon!

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