Free & Quality Homeschool Curriculum: World History II

Journey With a Destination: World History II consists of both an instructional YouTube playlist with more than 60 hours of instruction (available here) and a free printable workbook of more than 100 pages (available at the end of this post).

This curriculum represents the second year of a comprehensive two-year course in World History, and is intended for use in 7th grade. It is the sequel to our World History I curriculum. World History II begins with the pre-Columbian history of Central and South America, and then covers the history of the world following the voyages of Columbus.

An Advanced Curriculum

The materials included in this curriculum teach world history at an advanced level, and some parents may prefer to use them for 8th grade or even high school. The instructional videos are intended to challenge both a student’s knowledge of history and their vocabulary, and the workbook includes a brief 15-page dictionary to assist students as they watch.

The assignments in the workbook are designed to ensure that students are able to think about and discuss history in an intelligent way. Children who complete this course will have a clear understanding how the major events of human history fit together into a coherent whole, and will have a more sophisticated grasp of history than many college graduates.

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