A Homeschooling Guide for Practical Parents


Welcome to Journey With a Destination. This homeschooling guide is for parents who care about ensuring their children’s education leads to a good destination: a happy family, a fulfilling career, and a sense of place in a larger community. As a highly successful homeschool graduate myself, I’ve used my experiences to develop a new approach to homeschooling: the Destination Method.

The Destination Method

The Destination Method greatly values the sorts of technical skills that are essential in the modern world. Among these are computer programming, engineering, internet technology, and graphics design. The Destination Method also requires that children study valuable life skills like personal finances, cooking, and household management alongside more traditional topics like history, literature, and mathematics. Students are encouraged to be self-driven and are taught good study habits, increasing their confidence and making your job easier. Stay tuned to this blog for much more detail about how to educate your child using the Destination Method!

Reviews of Learning Resources

This homeschooling guide will also help you find the best available resources to teach every subject at every grade level. I’ll be very specific in my recommendations, showing you which materials I endorse and why. While many blogs rely on sponsorship deals for funding, I won’t ever accept free products or sponsorships from publishers. I will only ever recommend that you purchase an item if I have myself purchased it and believe it is the best possible choice.

New Learning Resources

In some cases, I’ll even create entirely new learning resources and upload them to this blog. In particular, my wife and I will soon release a complete, free history curriculum covering all of middle school and high school at an advanced level. We have some other big surprises planned for Journey With a Destination, so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. We’re confident your child’s future will benefit.

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