Free Preschool Art Curriculum For the Future Artist

Teach your young child how to draw using our free preschool curriculum, which includes more than 50 exciting drawing activities, plus an introduction to important concepts in music, performance, and other forms of art.

Preschool Art

The core of our curriculum is a nearly 10 hour YouTube playlist that includes step-by-step guides to drawing dozens of fun artworks, as well as child-friendly introductions to musical instruments, music theory, glass blowing, and more.

The Importance of Practice

Roughly half of our curriculum consists of hands-on drawing practice. In preschool, the main focus of drawing practice is twofold:

  • Helping students become comfortable holding and using a crayon or pencil
  • Teaching children how to use simple shapes to draw more complex pictures

Of course, along the way, students using our curriculum will also have the opportunity to create some very fun pictures. Moreover, the skills they learn will be easy to translate to drawing all kinds of things. Don’t be surprised if your child starts doodling some great artwork, even when you aren’t trying to teach Art!

Music Instruction and Inspiration

Another important topic of the playlist is music. We’ve included some basic music theory to give children a very basic understanding of how music works, but mostly, we just give kids a chance to watch some of the world’s best musicians doing what they love. In addition to giving students a taste of what music has to offer, this also gives children something to get excited about and aspire to. The performances we have included are specifically selected with a young audience in mind, with plenty of motion, enthusiasm, and funny surprises.

Required Supplies

Aside from our playlist, all you really need are some crayons and paper. Colored pencils will also work fine, if you prefer to use them instead of crayons.

One of the YouTube channels we feature frequently in the playlist (Art for Kids Hub) uses gel crayons. Gel crayons are not necessary, but do allow for layering of colors in a way that isn’t possible with regular crayons. If you use regular crayons, simply instruct your child to wait until their whole picture is outlined before coloring things in.

Using this Curriculum

Each day your child follows this curriculum, they will do one of the following two things:

  • Draw four or five drawings.
  • Watch approximately 20 minutes of videos about music, performance, or another form of art.

These tasks are alternated every day. The first day your child uses the curriculum, give them crayons and paper, and then play the playlist in a location where they can watch the videos while drawing. Especially during the first day, you may need to provide a little hands-on assistance for your young artist. After four drawing videos, the playlist will switch to a video about music from Mimi’s Playtime. When this happens, stop the playlist until the next day of Art class.

For the second day of Art class, your student won’t need any supplies; simply resume the playlist from your last stopping point. Play the playlist until the next drawing instruction video starts, then stop for the day.

Continue this process of alternating between hands-on drawing activities and hands-off videos until you reach the end of the playlist. This will just under 30 sessions.

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